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Top 5 most disturbing Olympic deaths

Olympics is all about getting together and celebrating athleticism. It is about Celebrating sports and giving a huge platform to most deserving. For such a big event, it takes lots of time to prepare for – like, for several years, Even athletes prepare for years to win big. there is always live coverage of the game and media seems to cover each and every good moment during Olympics. What about the brutal and disturbing ones like sudden deaths in Olympics. Well, we are here to cover those for you Top 5 most disturbing Olympic deaths

  1. Knud Enemark Jensen.

Knud Jensen 20-Year-old was a Danish Cyclist who was a part of Danish Cycling team in 1960 Roman Summer games. While competing in a 100km race in 40-degree Celsius heat, one of the four-man needed medical attention due to sunstroke. The other members of the team were allowed the race without being disqualified. They won the silver medal before Jensen told teammates that he felt dizzy His teammates tried to help him by sprinkling water on him, but as they let him go down the ground and fractured his skull. He died later that afternoon. most disturbing Olympic deaths mickeymai Top 5 most disturbing Olympic deaths
Image Source Last Race of Knud Jensen 5 most disturbing Olympic deaths
Image Source His Teammate Trying to save him

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Centennial Olympic Park.

The Centennial Olympic Park bombing was a domestic terrorist pipe bombing attack on the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta Georgia on 1996 Summer Olympic. The blast killed 2 people and injures Hundred Other.The Bomber Eric Rudolph was not caught until may 2003. Top 5 most disturbing Olympic deaths

mickeymani most disturbing olympic death cenetennial park bombing
Image Source Centennial Olympic Park bombing
  1. Black September.

During The second week of Summer Olympics in Munich, a Palestinian terrorist group called Black September managed to enter Olympic village and held 11 Israel athletes hostages. Two of them tried to fight back and were instantly killed.The Terrorists demanded the release of 234 inmates of the Israel prison. Israel Declined to their demand and Germany offered them a huge amount of money but the terrorists declined. The rescue operation was launched but something went wrong and the remaining athletes were killed including a police officer and 5 terrorists. Remaining were captured. The game was suspended and memorial service was held for the athletes

terror attack in olympic
Image Source Black September (Summer Olympics in Munich)
11 olympic death
Image Source 11 Israel athletes hostages

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  1. Rio Builders.

11 Construction workers were killed working on Rio de Janeiro 2016 summer games. Accidents included electric shock, falling off the ladder and being hit by a truck There were several critical injuries including the worker who got his leg amputated

top 10 most disturbing death in olympic
Image Source 11 Construction workers were killed working on Rio de Janeiro 2016
  1. Nodar Kumaritashvili. (disturbing Olympic deaths)

21-year-old Bakuriani, Georgia Nodar Kumaritashvili dead while doing a practice run on the luge track at the Whistler sliding center, at a particularly dangerous turn, he was thrown off his luge and over the side wall. he hit a steel support beam at 90 MPH. Medics rushed to the scene and he was airlifted to the nearby hospital but they were unable to save him mickeymani olympic deaths
Image Source This is The Most Disturbing Olympic death

Top 5 most disturbing Olympic deaths


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