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5 most Scary and haunted places India

As children, we have heard a lot of scary ghost stories. These haunted stories still scare us in our dreams If this is not enough to digest then let’s get some best-haunted places in India that will really give you that real jolt. Drowse yourself in a pure hair-raising experience in India. 5 most Scary and haunted places India

The mysteries of the unknown have always fascinated the human mind. It’s not surprising for experts to say that India is a beautiful yet deliciously mysterious country that sees the secrets and stories of a lot of palaces and their kings, of treasures and their keys, of those who died a painful death and are now part of the broken synchrony that is a reality. Which is why a lot of forts or palaces or beaches or even a ‘just another’ valley in India has a history or a twist of mystery attached to it or something that makes a more interesting case.

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Here’s a list of the 5 most haunted places India

#5 – Raj Kiran hotel – Lonavla, Maharashtra 

Lonavala is one of Maharashtra’s most popular hill stations and a weekend getaway for Mumbaikars and people from Pune. The hill station gets the number of visitors especially during the monsoon months when the weather is extremely pleasant and there is lush greenery all around. Being such a touristy spot, there are several hotels that have cropped up in every corner of Lonavala and one of them is Raj Kiran and it is believed to be haunted.

This haunted hotel in India was reported to be one of the hit zones as far as the supernatural” is concerned. Residents of one particular room in this hotel claimed to have their bed sheets pulled over and stayed put in such state long after they’d leave the bed in a scare. Some people recount having woken up in the middle of dark nights with a ray of blue light at their feet. This room is in the corner and on the backside of the reception on the ground floor itself. 5 most Scary and haunted places India

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Image Source  Raj Kiran hotel – Lonavla, Maharashtra

#4 – The Mukesh Mill, Mumbai

The mill was shut down in 1980 after a sudden fire outbreak. This hunted place in India serves as an excellent location for shooting Bollywood horror movies. However, some directors, as well as actors, refuse to shoot here after experiencing paranormal activities . 5 most Scary and haunted places India

https://www.mickeymani.com/ The Mukesh Mill, Mumbai
Image Source The Mukesh Mill, Mumbai

#3 – Ramoji Film City – Hyderabad

Being one of the biggest film cities in the country, this place is home to a lot of hotels which have been projected to a lot of controversies because of the reported “Supernatural activities” in and around them.

Witnesses report the lights kept on top keep falling off, the light men, who sit with the light on top have been pushed so many times and many have had grievous injuries.

Females are more targeted by the ghosts than the males. Girls reported an invisible force tearing their clothes off, some said they felt someone knock their washroom doors while the rooms remain locked from inside.

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https://www.mickeymani.com Ramoji Film City – Hyderabad haunted place india
Image Source Ramoji Film City – Hyderabad

#2 – Kuldhara Rajasthan

It is known as deserted ghost village. in 1825, Salim Singh the minister of the state fell in love and wanted to marry the village chieftain’s daughter. He warned the villagers that he would double the tax if a marriage does not take place. The chief of the village cursed the village before leaving 5 most Scary and haunted places India

https://www.mickeymani.com Kuldhara Rajasthan haunted places india
Image Source Kuldhara Rajasthan

#1 – Bhangarh Fort  Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort/ Kila is a located on the way to Alwar and Jaipur in Rajasthan in India. As per a legend, there were a black magic sorcerers who cursed the resident of the palace that they all would die an unnatural death and their spirits will stay there for centuries to haunt the fort/ Kila forever.

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this fort would really freak any living mortal. one can seldom find a temporary household in the close periphery of the fort. Let us reveal you in more fact about this place. The village households found here are without roofs as there persists a popular belief and experience that the moment a rooftop is built on a house it collapses. this is said to be the most haunted place in India and amongst world most haunted place. People are not allowed to spend the night in the fort, for obvious reasons. Believe us it is also said that anybody who had been to this place after dusk never come back.5 most Scary and haunted places India

https://www.mickeymani.com Bhangarh Fort  Rajasthan haunted places india
Image Source Bhangarh Fort  Rajasthan



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