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Animals Rescue Stories-Best friendship b/w human & Animal

Chito and Pocho:- Animals Rescue stories

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We all can see the relation between animal and human but we cannot see A unique friendship between a man and a crocodile: nicknamed “Chito”, a Costa Rican fisherman and naturalist has had an unusual friend: “Pocho”-“crocodile name”, the crocodile longer than 6 meters, with a weight up to ton. Animals Rescue Stories

And Crocodiles are not exactly cute and fluffy but, as you’ll see in this incredible video, maybe they just need a chance to win you over. This is the story of Chito and Pocho and the unexpected rewards of an act of kindness.

Nearly 25 years ago, Chito first met with the crocodile friend pocho after finding him in a gunshot wound on the banks of the Central American state’s Paris Mina River in 1991. He had been shot in the left eye by a cattle farmer and died near death. Then Chito Fisherman Decide to save Pocho’s life.

But unfortunately, Pocho died of natural causes on October 12, 2011, in the water outside.  And Chito the Fisherman is currently working with a new crocodile named Pocho II. – Animals Rescue Stories

Watch Video – The Real friendship b/w human & Animal

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Friendship with a shark:-

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When we Thought about the shark we find the big and dangerous fish image in our mind but this story totally changes your mind related to Shark Yes, Arnold Pointer is a professional fisherman from South of Australia set free from a certain death a large female white shark that was caught in his fishing nets. And now fisherman has a problem.

Arnold Pointer Say: when I save her life she will follow me everywhere “It’s been 2 years and she does not leave me alone. And the shark presence scares all the other fishes. Now Arnold says it’s hard to survive for him without fishing.

Well according to me the story of that white shark developed love and affection for its human rescue. – Animals Rescue Stories

Friendship with a white Polar bear:-

man and polar bear friendship
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Mark Dumas is just your average guy He loves long walks on the beach, swims in the morning, and naps in the afternoon … with his best friend Agee the Polar Bear. Yes, guys some people dreams to swim with Dolphin and Some already swim with Crocodile J “haha” but you guys never believe it bears trainer Mark Dumas likes nothing more than to share his swimming pool with the world dangerous animal Polar bear “Agee”.

Mark gives her a special training that’s why she has even performed movies like ‘Alaska’ in 1995.

Lion Whisperer Kevin:-

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Kevin Richardson was known as “The Lion Whisperer”, he is doing a study on South African animal behaviorist who has worked extensively with native animals of Africa.

Richardson works in Lion park in Broederstroom and he was referred as “lion whisperer” by a British newspaper in 2007.

He Loves to play with world dangerous beast animal he always starts his day to feed this dangerous animal Richardson has been featured in many documentaries, movies, and commercials. The most popular YouTube video of Richardson frolicking with his lions has seen more than 30 million times and has more than 15,000 comments. – Animals Rescue Stories

Spider Whisperer:-

spider whiserer
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If I would like to know which animal you would like to adopt as a pet, then maybe your answer would be dog or cat…But what if someone adopts as a pet SPIDERS. Yes, guys Lisa the Australian won love spiders even her kids also love spiders.

Even Lisa has no problem with her pet spiders on her face she wills just chilling with one of her eight-legged friends Lisa and her kids play with her five spiders daily even she can’t understand why people scared with spiders. – Animals Rescue Stories

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