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5 Most Disturbing Human Experiments in History

Hello friends and how are you guys Where Scientist around the world is engaged in finding something new every day and I think that’s why we get more and more success day by day that’s why Some inventions are very successful by the scientists and but some are so scary, so let’s see the Haunting Images Taken From The Most Disturbing Science Experiments ( Most Disturbing Human Experiments in History )

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  1. Growing A Nose On A Forehead:-  The human body is pretty amazing on its own We have the ability to heal ourselves, clean ourselves, and even reproduce to multiply as many times as we want. Moreover, when the makeup of the body is manipulated, amazing things can happen. For Example.

The photo you can see below is a 22-year-old Chinese boy an accident his nose was broken and the whole team of doctors decided to make him real nose instead of the fake nose who grow up on his body and I think this is the great but unexpected experiment. ( Most Disturbing Human Experiments in History )

growing nose on fore head mickeymani Most Disturbing Human Experiments in History
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2. A Step Toward Mind Control:- This photo was taken in the United States laboratory when a doctor who was going to try to control the mind of a person, even when that person was near to die and This experiment  is called the deep-brain stimulation process but this doctor cannot take success to control the human brain.

But such inventions are made daily So that they can control a person’s mind and make such a robot. who looks like a human and thinks like a human. ( Most Disturbing Human Experiments in History )

steps towards mind control Most Disturbing Human Experiments in History mickeymani.com
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3. Agent Orange:- Agent Orange is a kind of weapon that the United States Army has used it in Vietnam war This weapon was dropped in a place where people used to live And this was also a kind of experiment. because before this, this weapon was not used anywhere And the dangerous effect of this experiment you can see in this child ( Most Disturbing Human Experiments in History )

Most Disturbing Human Experiments in History agent orange science experiments
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4. Changing The Color Of Children’s Eyes:- Most of us are aware that Hitler often practiced eugenics on unwilling participants. If you are not familiar, eugenics is the process of breeding in order to pass on only the best qualities. For Hitler, this means making an Aryan race, only people with blonde hair and blue eyes. Trying to create a race where everyone looks alike is difficult, so many of the scientists have spent time trying to see if they were altered the genetic makeup of a person in order for them to fit the desired race. This includes using lights, surgeries, and dangerous chemicals to change the color of one eye. Unfortunately, small and innocent children were not safe from these horrific experiments, and as you see in the below photo, they are terrifying eugenics. ( Most Disturbing Human Experiments in History )

changing th ecolour of child eye Most Disturbing Human Experiments in History mickeymani.com hindi video
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5. Mind Control In Monkeys:- One of the scariest types of dystopian worlds that have been imagined are ones where we lose control over our consciences and minds and are electronically controlled by another person. One scientist, Jose Delgado, made this sort of mind control near to reality in the 60s. By implanting electrodes in the brain of primates, a bull, and over 20 women, Delgado was able to control their minds through a remote control. He could not sway the way they thought or alter their memories or morals, yes guys but he could control most of their physical activities. In one scenario, he was able to stop a bull seconds before the bull charged at him. The human participants were hard-to-control, though he was able to manipulate their movements and even raise their levels of aggression I think this will irritate him. And the image of the primates with the mind-control machines popping high out of their heads is truly terrifying. ( Most Disturbing Human Experiments in History )

mind control on monckey Most Disturbing Human Experiments in History
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