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5 New Humanoid Robots in the World

  1. Kodomoroid and Otonaroid:-  They Both are the world First Twin android robot and also the world’s first news-reading android robot made by Japanese scientists. Kodomoroid gives news related to the earthquake and earth temperature and Otonaroid give news related to Sports and Entertainment, Kodomoroid and Otonaroid Both robots will work at Tokyo’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. ( New Humanoid Robots in the World )

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2. Mark 1:- Meet Mark 1: A $50,000 3D printed human robot that looks like famous Hollywood actress  Scarlett Johansson yes guys the brainchild of Ricky Ma, 42, who has been obsessed with androids all his life. After spending $50,000 (£35,000) and laboring for a year and a half on the balcony of his home. Mark 1 features a 3D printed skeleton Her skin is made of silicone. (New Humanoid Robots in the World )

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3. Asuna:- Asuna is a beautiful 15-year-old who was “born” in Tokyo Japan.  When this robot was brought in front of the people for the first time, the people did not believe that this was a robot Asuna’s coding and facial expressions are so good that at any time the people do not know they are talking to with the robot. Asuna has been coded like this, that she was daily sleep like a human and wake up like a human (New Humanoid Robots in the World )

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4. Erica:- Most of the people will think and say that like robots cannot tell jokes, or that the human being soul is the big-big difference b/w  a human being and a machine. But after meeting Erica you will stop thinking like this because Erica is not just a robot, rather it’s just a human like an Erica love to watch Television and love to playing with small kids and even she talks to anyone normally like a human being (New Humanoid Robots in the World )

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5. Jia Jia:- Jia Jia is one of those robots who are just like human being, Seeing this you will not believe that this is a human or robot Jia Jia is a robot who can talk with any person, even with the facial expressions When Jia Jia speaks, her hand shakes like a normal human. (New Humanoid Robots in the World )

jia jia human robot Humanoid Robots in the World start human robot
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